Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Even though we have been hard at work this week we still have managed to squeeze in a little adventure time. We took a stroll down to a local bee farm to check out how honey was made by a local farmer. The 12 of us scooted around the fascinating machinery while avoiding the bees that were causally bouncing by. After, we were allowed to sample some of the pure honey and boy was it delicious. To help us digest such a wonderful snack, the group decided to go for a walk through the local farms to see the locally grown fruit. The next day we had the pleasure of lounging on a new beach that had big waves and big rocks to match. We ended the day by exploring the local town and giggling over afternoon coffee. I must say these days will be sorely missed when Sunday rolls around... 

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  1. Great photos! What an amazing experience! Enjoy the rest of the journey!