Sunday, June 24, 2012

Closing of EC EMSS 2012 Program

Excursion to the pirate stronghold of Gramvousa
The last few days have been very intense, as we continued our fast pace academically and culturally. The students wrote response essays, had final exams and presented a policy paper on addressing the Eurozone crisis in the context of global governance.

We continued to travel around this corner of the island, interact locally, and take in some beach time and shopping.

Students put in long long hours finishing projects and writing papers as well as participate in a number of activities. The 9 students who studied in the immersion Greek program had a marathon 4-hour Friday class, which included face to face conversation. On Friday night the Institute of Cretan Studies reenacted a summer solstice traditional celebration which coincides with the birthdate of St. John the Baptist's birthday celebrated in the Orthodox calendar on June 24th. All the Emmanuel students actively participated, some re-enacting, others dancing, or jumping over fires, or even in the telling of Cretan rhymes (Mantinades).

Mary Gilcoyne's rendition was by far the best. Mandinades were written and performed for the program and the students individually.

Left to Right: Jack Davidson, Kelsey Ryan, Mary Gilcoyne, Tom Saade
at Gramvousa

Left to Right: Rachael Montville, Kayleigh Weston,
Becca Day, Erika Desrochers on the boat to Balos
Kelsey Ryan preparing her policy paper

A painful policy paper workshop

Back Row: Tom, Mary, Rachael, Erika, Gretchen, Leo
Front Row: Jack, Kelsey, Kayleigh, Malora, Julia,
and Becca
In the days to come this blog will be flooded with pictures, and stories, as the participants in the program have time to rest and reflect in this amazing experience. The students have all arrived in Boston safely bringing with them flavors and experiences that will last them a lifetime. This has not been a relaxing ClubMed experience, as it was not meant to be, rather there was a great deal of work, discussion, frustration, immersion, fun, exploration, learning and fulfillment of a goal achieved. Congratulations to all and an immense gratitude to all for allowing me to be part of this program.

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